African Trivia Questions
African Trivia Questions
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Why does this exist
“ The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it. ” ~ George Kimble

Besides the fact that we thought it would be cool for something like this to exist in the world, trivia is a fun educational tool where we all learn a little bit more of the world we live in, so why not a little bit of Africa too.
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These questions were developed and compiled using a specific methodology to generate engaging questions that educate as well as enetertain. Designed by people who enjoy researching and playing trivia. The database of questions is great for the following kind of clients but not limited to:
- Indie Developers - TV Shows
- App Developers - Event Hosts
- Game Companies - Teachers
What the questions look like
In what African country does the R&B artist Akon plan to build a city powered by cryptocurrency? Answer: Senegal

What super hero team, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first featured the Black Panther in its comic? Answer: Fantastic Four

In what city in Ethiopia is the Headquarters of the African Union? Answer: Addis Ababa
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